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Baby Sunglasses

Just like adults, babies, infants and toddlers need to wear eye protection when doing activities during sunny days outside.

Baby sunglasses offer protection from the harsh UVA & UVB rays of the sun, which can cause long term damage to you baby’s eyes.

No baby is too young to wear eye protection, and there are sizes for even the youngest babies.

And by having your child wear baby sunglasses from a young age, you are teaching them healthy habits for life. 

If your toddler has never worn sunglasses, don’t’s never to late to get them started. You may be wondering what kinds of infant sunglasses are best for your child.

We will take a look at just a few of the options you may consider when buying toddler sunglasses for your child. 

There are many styles and features to consider when purchasing baby sunglasses. First, you must make sure that the baby sunglasses protect 100% of the UVA & UVB rays, to fully shield your child's sensitive eyes. Wrap around lenses are great because they will cover the eye more completely, and allow your baby to see more in their peripheral vision.

Many infant sunglasses come with adjustable Velcro closures for a secure fit. Velcro is also breathable, and will expand to fit as the child grows. Others come with a flexible wrap-around band to keep them in place. Most of the toddler sunglasses will have a flexible frame, so that they are more comfortable, and be easier for your child to wear.

Baby sunglasses sometimes have a hinge-less design to adjust to any size, and to provide safety for your child. Certain kinds of infant sunglasses are made of polycarbonate, which is shatter resistant. You can also replace the regular lenses with prescription lenses if you need to.

 infant sunglasses

 sunglasses for babies

 sunglasses for babies

Making sure you get the right size is very important to ensure a good fit and comfort for your toddler sunglasses. Sizes range from 0-2 months, up to 24months. You may also consider getting an adjustable size for years of use. And of course there are a great number of ways to coordinate sunglasses with your baby’s outfit. With different colors, patterns, and themes, your baby can be protected from the sun, and be very fashionable at the same time!

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 baby sunglasses

When purchasing sunglasses for your infant or toddler, there are a few things to think about. First take your child with you when you shop for glasses. Take your time. You will be able to try on several different types and styles of baby sunglasses to see which ones work best for you and your baby.


Make sure to get sunglasses that are made of a flexible material, such as with the Baby Banz sunglasses, Julbo sunglasses, or the Baby Blanket Suncare or One Step Ahead sunglass brands. If the infant sunglasses feel comfortable to your child, they will be much more likely to wear them.

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 toddler sunglasses

 infant sunglasses

You will also want to look for a durable material, so that they will last for a long time through rough wear and tear. When buying baby sunglasses, think about protection, safety, comfort, durability, usability, and style. Your baby’s eyes are priceless...protect them!

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